Hourly Ceramic Studio Access

Only need to come in for about an hour to do some pottery? $10 per hr.

  • 1 hour
  • 10 Australian dollars
  • Le Studio Art Space and Gallery

What We Offer

If you only need to come in for an hour to say glaze or trim a piece, then you can have studio access for a minimum of $10 per hour (or part of an hour). Le Studio Art Space and Gallery is a beautiful space and the ceramic studio within it has with six wheels, three kilns, a large table space for hand building, shelves, clay, glazes and tools for sale. There is also a very comfy lounge and eating area with fridge, microwave, toilets, music (the owner, Anies, has superb taste in music!) and other friendly artists and potters around. It is quite a unique and special space for potters and ceramic artists. CASUAL HOURLY STUDIO ACCESS - $10 per hour. - Access 7 days a week. - 6.30am to 6.30 pm unless there are classes and workshops underway. - Book a time online below when it suits you. - Includes access to the ceramic studio, tables and potters' wheels (except when there are classes underway). - Glazes, clay or other raw materials are available to purchase at Le Studio. - Firing services provided at $10.50 per kg (from 1 September 2022). - Maximum firing temperature is cone 6 (midfire or around 1220 degrees C) - If you want a shelf to store your items, it is $15 extra per month. Book the shelf on the linked subscription pricing plan here, or let Jacqui know if you want a shelf. BOOKING - You can either book and pay online here for the day and time you want to come here. - OR please text Jacqui on 0439 812 967 or email her on jacqui.louw@bigpond.com to let her know what time you will be in that day and how much time you need (she will invoice you at the end of the month). - If you need more than an hour, then either rebook online here again with a new time, or select 'manual payment' to receive an invoice at the end of the month. - Please sign in the Studio Access form when you arrive and leave. - The studio is always open from 6.30 am to 1 pm every day so you can come in any time then. If you are coming outside these hours, please contact Jacqui. NOTE: There is NO access to the wheels on Wednesdays from 4pm onwards and Thursdays from 11am to 1pm as well as 6.30pm t 9pm as there are classes being held at that time.

Cancellation Policy

REFUNDS / ABSENCE / TRANSFERS We DO NOT offer refunds or transfers if you change your mind. Please be sure you are able to commit to the class, course or workshop dates and times prior to booking. Our classes generally usually run at full capacity and therefore do not have the capacity to offer make-up classes. If you are unable to attend a class, please contact me at jacqui.louw@bigpond.com. In exceptional circumstances, we can make alternative arrangements, and offer you the unsupervised use of the Le Studio Artspace and Gallery studio for a few hours to make up a missed class. OoPs - One-off Pottery Studio reserves the right to cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances such as insufficient enrolments, or (dare we say it) a pandemic. You will be notified prior to the class if cancellation of the class is deemed necessary and a pro-rata refund will be provided.

Contact Details

  • Le Studio Art Space and Gallery

    24-26 Crown Avenue, Mordialloc VIC 3195, Australia



Tel: 0439 812 967